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EDUCATION CORNER HOUSTON, TEXAS. Here is where you will find articles and topics of interests and hope it becomes your "back pain treatment Houston" resource. We began construction of this page on 02-20-09. New articles will be added periodically. In the meantime please read our "Pain Report", it contains important information on back pain, neck pain, arm and leg pain, arthritis, disc degeneration (slipped disc, also called herniated disc), neck injury, back injury and potential treatments. This report also describes the roles of a back pain specialist (also known as spine specialist or back pain doctor or neck pain doctor) in primary care and how a back injury or neck pain injury can cause chronic back pain or chronic neck pain impact your mood, cause depression and affect your quality of life. Find explanations about the significance of having a slipped disc, a degenerated disc, sciatica or a pinched nerve in this section. If you wish, you may sign up for our free quarterly "Pain Newsletter" and receive periodic updates on important topics and emerging therapies for chronic pain. Click on "Services" to explore some informative videos and illustrations (which you may print) about how some common conditions may effectively be treated. We also included a "Free Pain Assessment Form" that you may use for additional education about your back pain, neck pain, sciatica, degenerated discs (bulging discs, herniated discs) and related conditions. 

What is Back Pain?

What injuries can cause low back pain?

How are the sources of back pain or neck pain ("pain generators") identified?

Is chronic low back pain or neck pain curable?

Are there different kinds of pain?

What is sciatica?

What are the most common medications used to treat back pain, neck pain, pain from sciatica (leg pain from a pinched nerve in the lumbosacral spine)or arm pain?

Which are the most common types of pain seen in a doctor's office?


*Common conditions treated include at our clinics: back and spine problems caused by disc degeneration,neck and lower back pain caused by facet disease and arthritis or spondylosis (a synonym of arthritis or degenerative joint disease), back injury ,leg pain due to sciatica also called radiculopathy,back and spine deformities,complex back syndromes (co-existence of various causes for your pain sometimes associated with deconditioning, gait or balance abnormalities), lumbago, disk/disc protrusion ( a form of slipped disc or herniated disk/disc, root compression or pinched nerves,cervical or neck pain,fibromyalgia, vertebral compression fracture due to osteoporosis,low back or neck pain due to neurological disorders such as dystonia, following prior failed surgeries (failed back syndrome), back pain and neck pain associated with fibromyalgia, back and neck pain associated to myofascial pain syndrome, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, problems associated with rigidity due to neuromuscular disorders such as parkinsonism and others. Neuropathy associated with metabolic disorders or diabetes. Migraine and refractory headaches, daily headaches, daily migraine, atypical migraine syndrome and atypical facial pain. Complex regional pain syndrome also called RSD or regional sympathetic dystrophy. Post-herpetic neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia.  For more information on these conditions we recommend downloading and reading our Free Pain Report or visiting the web sites of reputable non profit organizations which provide unbiased information of the efficacy of various treatments available for your condition.

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