Neck Pain


Neck pain or cervicalgia  is a frequent disorder affecting up to two thirds of the population at some point in their lives.The causes of neck pain can vary widely. Most commonly, neck pain can be originated from abnormal prolonged postures, injuries like whiplash or trauma, pinched nerves in the cervical spinal nerves or arthritis affecting the joints between cervical vertebra (facet arthropathy). Less commonly, neck pain can be caused by tumors and cancers, carotid dissection, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis or infectious processes.

As in many other painful disorders, a detailed neurological evaluation is critical to identifying the precise mechanism underlying the pain. The importance of an accurate diagnosis cannot be over emphasized as it  is pivotal to selecting the most effective treatment. At our neck pain clinics in Houston, we have the experience and the expertise to provide you with an accurate assessment and opportunity to discuss the range of options available for your treatment. We always proceed from the least invasive approach.

Fortunately, in most cases, neck pain is a self-limited condition with resolution that can be facilitated with simple measures such as anti-inflammatory agents, appropriate posturing and physical therapy. For more refractory pain cases, there is  a spectrum of minimally invasive treatments that are available.  For example, a common reason for moderate to severe neck pain is the development of arthritis affecting the joints between vertebra in the cervical spine. When the pain cannot  the improved with simple measures,  we may target specific nerves that carry pain signals from the affected structures. These treatments can be very effective.   In some selected cases such as disc herniations associated with inflammation, cervical epidural steroid injections represent another  common example of an effective nonsurgical treatment. 

Surgery is usually reserved for cases that are refractory to all other mentioned options and  are associated with incapacitating pain or severe spinal cord compression. Surgery is also indicated for removal of abnormal masses or tumors when they can be surgically excised.

If you suffer from neck pain which has not improved to simple measures, please give us a call or feel free to send us a consultation request through this website.  We have the experience and expertise to help you obtain neck pain relief.

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