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Physical Therapy

One of our pain management treatments is physical therapy. This procedure is prescribed to strengthens muscles and improve structural support to many painful joints and fractures.

 We specialize in several types of therapeutic physical therapies that are used to treat various types of physical conditions.  Our experienced team provides consultation and creates an individual treatment plan for each patient. Reassessment is done after pain management to evaluate its effectiveness. We also create a custom tailored program that will facilitate your lifestyle expectations. Our physical therapy program provides the following services:

  • Gait Training
  • Strength Training
  • Lifestyle Therapies ( steps, driving, cooking)
  • Other Recovery Therapies (ankle sprains, after surgery)

We provide physical therapy as a part of your rehabilitation process if it is required. We are dedicated in providing continued support to ensure your full recovery and success.  We evaluate each patient’s progress for levels of improvement and to identify deficit that needs to be addressed in order to reintegrate the patient back into society as functional and independent as possible.

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