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Vitamin D Deficiency

It is estimated that approximately 97% of Americans are lacking in Vitamin D.  This finding is based on the normal value of Vitamin D that people should have as recommended by experts. The conventional values for Vitamin D are considered at “30” but recent data have suggested that the values of “50” are required for optimum health.

Even at the lower conventional level, more than 60% of Americans still lack adequate Vitamin D intake and are deficient in its production. Approximately 5,000IU of Vitamin D is required daily as recommended value, but dairy product such as milk and other sources of Vitamin D do not provide adequate blood level of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced only in the skin from direct exposure to the sun. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin D is acquired from 10minutes of skin exposure to the sun.

Vitamin D increases the body’s resistance to diseases and controls more than 30% of the genes in the body. The vitamin D also plays an important role in maintaining hormone levels and energy levels as well as promoting good bone density. It boosts the immune system and the natural constituents prevent certain common ailments.  Vitamin D is not easily absorbed in capsule form but Magnesium,  Boron, other vitamins and minerals  supplements facilitate absorption of other non- prescription.

There are several complications and symptoms associated with Vitamin D deficiency. These include periodontal diseases and development of cavities, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, depression and other mental disorders, asthma, fatigue, various cancers such as lung, breast, ovarian and colon cancers. There is also increase susceptibility to colds and flu.  Vitamin D deficiency might not be the causative factors for these conditions but there is a correlation between these diseases and the deficiency.

Conventional medicine only addresses nutrition deficiencies when a medical condition occurs or through incidental diagnosis.  Many physicians do not readily link medical illnesses to vitamin deficiencies and as a result do not effectively play a part in supplementing the body’s own chemistry with the vitamins. Simple blood tests can reveal vitamin levels and low levels can be supplemented with physician prescribed vitamin supplements. These can restore a balance in the body and boost the immune system as well as improve overall wellbeing.

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