Carpal Tunnel Treatment Without Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Without Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Without Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome can produce a spectrum of symptoms ranging from mild tingling in the hand or fingers to numbness to severe hand pain, wrist pain with or without associated arm pain. It is the result of a compression of the median nerve at the carpal ligament. Some patients are awakened by the pain. The hand grip can get weak and patients may complain of dropping objects. It is more frequently (but not necessarily) associated with patients using their hands excessively such as computer operators. It also shows a higher prevalence in patients with diabetes and in pregnancy, although there are many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome that occur in isolation. Some rare cases of amyloidosis (deposition of an abnormal substance due to several conditions) can also show higher incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome. One or both hands can be involved. 

We offer a combined treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome consistent of hydro-dissection the median nerve and release with with a very thin cutting needle. This is a non surgical treatment done under image guidance and only a minor virtually painless skin puncture in the wrist area is performed. Our treatment is based in the scientific medical literature and we obtained more than 80% relief within 24 hours (see below). Studies in the literature show that WITHOUT open surgery, more that 75% patients with carpal tunnel syndrome will not deteriorate. In fact, the majority will improve with minimally invasive procedures.

There are many approaches in the literature for non-surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome ranging from nutritional supplements to physical therapy devises. Some of them work, some do not, contrary to claims. Our therapy ONLY follows verifiable evidence-based medicine guidelines (evidence supported by high quality clinical trials).

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