Joint Injections

Joint Injections

Joint Injections

Inflamed joints occur from various sources and corticosteroid injection directly into the joint can be given to alleviate the pain and inflammation. It is an effective treatment for pain in the knees, shoulder and hips. A complete medical history and a full physical examination of the patient are required to differentiate between acute and chronic conditions. These assessments help to determine the source of the inflammation whether it is in the muscle, tendon or the joints. Joint injections are very effective in treating pain in the following joints:

  • Elbow
  • Hand
  • Hip & leg
  • Shoulder
  • Foot & Ankle

Acute and traumatic inflammatory joints are marked with sharp, severe and intense pain while dull, low grade and chronic pain signify mild inflammatory process such as arthritis and chronic overuse injuries. Neurologic involvement is suggested when the pain is radiating and include tingling, numbness and burning sensation.

It is important to pay special attention to medication history since discontinued anti-inflammatory medications can precipitate pain and inflammatory reactions. Other aggravating conditions such as gout attack can be precipitated by changes in dietary habits.

The joint injection is administered in a sterile setting. The area is properly cleansed and a sterile field created. An anesthetic is required to numb the area before the injection is delivered. Patients are educated on the signs of infection as well as the healing process. Physical therapy is also recommended to strengthen the muscles around the affected joints.

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